The purpose of this post is to aware the ‘General Public’ about the uses of Linux in Daily Life.



Linux in daily life



Linux in Daily Life

If you ask someone (Not Geek) about Linux probably the answer you will get will be something like.. “ummmm, It’s an Open Source operating system & it is very difficult to use. We should not try it!” or “It is actually an Operating System & it is Open Source.” Don’t bother asking them What Open Source means..? you will feel sorry for yourself after listening the answers! trust me on this.

So Linux is an essential  part of our everyday life but we don’t have any idea about the things we use daily are running on Linux. There is a 90% chance that this webpage (Blog) is hosted on a Linux Server.

Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation, answered when asked about ‘Use of Linux in Daily Life’ “You use Linux every day but you don’t know it. It’s such a fundamental part of our lives.

“The world without Linux might be a very different place. It’s one where computing is kind of crappy and homogeneous. You’re still using Windows CE on your crappy Windows cell phone. That world is grim and dark and Linux is a reason why that world doesn’t exist.

“It runs air traffic control, it runs your bank, and it runs nuclear submarines. Your life, money, and death is in Linux’s hands, so we can keep you alive, clean you out, or kill you. It’s incredible how important it is.”

The above mentioned things are not to scare you from Linux but to tell you that how Linux is being used around us in our daily life, No need to be scared… this not some Terminator or Skynet kind of shit (If that makes you feel comfortable!).



Linux in Daily Life

  • Majority of Worldwide Web runs on Linux.
Linux in daily life


Linux (and Unix) platforms are currently powering the majority of the Web today. Because if the flexibility of operating systems such as Debian, Cent OS, and Gentoo, Linux has served as the backbone of the majority of the sites you browse on a daily basis. Network administrators love Linux because it can be customized to a network’s specific needs, and is capable of running single and multiple tasks without a lot of background processes clogging up the system. At one point, the ratio of Linux servers to Windows and OS X servers was 4:1. Recent studies have shown that Linux is currently backing between 60-70% of the world’s Web servers.

Google, Amazon, Facebook all uses Linux for their web services.



  • Android is based on Linux.
Linux in daily life


The mighty Android operating system powering so many phones and tablets around the world is actually derived from a Linux kernel. While yes, Android is a branch unto itself, it wouldn’t exist as it does today if it weren’t for the work being put in to Linux by the open source community up to that point.



  • Linux in Supercomputers
Linux in daily life

Server Racks

Linux, and it’s various derivatives, currently serve as a primary operating system for over 90% of the world’s 500 most powerful supercomputers. This is according to the Top 500 Project, a project dedicated to accurately listing and describing top 500 supercomputers based on various subjects and categories. With this in mind, these supercomputers are presently being put to work making crucial calculations in the name of science, education, mathematics, and other important applications for our day-to-day lives.


Many many more things we use daily run on Linux the list is sooooooooooo long that it’s impossible to cover it in a blog post.

Some famous Linux devices or products which are running on Linux.

  1. New York Stock Exchange
  2. Air Traffic Control System
  3. Japanese High Speed Train
  4. High-tech Traffic Control
  5. CERN, largest Practical Physics Laboratory relies on Linux
  6.  Chrome OS based on Linux


The purpose of the post isn’t to say that Linux is the best operating system or the most popular choice among all computer users. Many consumers still prefer the ‘User Friendly’ better supported and better organized operating systems such as Microsoft Windows & Mac OS. but the purpose is to tell everyone about uses of Linux in daily life.

Warning: “No Animals Were Harmed in the Writing of This Blog Post.” 🙂


– All the images are taken from Google Images.

– Help taken from Locker gnome.