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Which Linux Operating System is best

At the first day on my Internship I was told by the Manager to Install Linux at Home Computer. So the first question I asked to myself was “Which Distribution should I try?” & the answer was ummmm.. Let’s Google it! So I googled Which Linux Operating System is Best..? & the search results made me even more confused…   So I thought why shouldn’t I write a blog post for the Beginners who want to give Linux a try… In this...


How Linux is being used in Every Daily Life.

The purpose of this post is to aware the ‘General Public’ about the uses of Linux in Daily Life.       Linux in Daily Life If you ask someone (Not Geek) about Linux probably the answer you will get will be something like.. “ummmm, It’s an Open Source operating system & it is very difficult to use. We should not try it!” or “It is actually an Operating System & it is Open Source.” Don’t bother asking them What Open...